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It is a truth universally acknowledged... that stress plays havoc with skin

Whether we’re being chased by a work deadline or a grizzly bear, our body prepares to fight, releasing chemicals that can cause inflammation. As a result, conditions like eczema, dermatitis and acne (and all the others!) can flare up and skin can become hypersensitive.

Here are our best stress-relieving, skin-saving (bear-proofing) tips:

Keep calm (and) clean

Meet Calm Clean our cleansing balm.

When you can feel stress bubbling and your skin is sensitive or inflamed, our Calm Clean cleanser has got your back. This 2-in-1 hot cloth cleansing balm gently melts away the day whilst offering nourishment and protection against environmental stress. Breathe in the relaxing lavender and jasmine sambac, it will leave your skin happy & soul soothed.

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It’s all about balance

Meet Plump Up our hydration serum.

Our soothing rose infused Plump Up serum calms, replenishes and restores, with hyaluronic acid locking in moisture and plumping up the fine lines that are often visible on stressed, dehydrated skin. Packed with phytoglycogens to give energy to tired skin cells, it’s a daily balance of sustenance and hydration that skin needs to keep calm and under control.

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A glow that won’t stress your skin

Meet our Fresh Face exfoliating water.

A bottled reminder that every day offers a fresh start; our gentle Fresh Face exfoliating water is a delicate blend of uplifting orange blossom water, skin-friendly PHA(poly hydroxy acid: optimum skin renewal, minimum irritation) and softening hibiscus that will brighten tired, stressed skin to a radiant glow.

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Calm it down

Meet Calm Down our gentle face oil.

Moody, unpredictable skin often flares up when we are feeling stressed. Our Calm Down oil is a skin savior that has been formulated for precisely this, offering comfort, calm and support to even the most sensitive stressed-out skin.

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Find calm (balm) in the chaos

Breathe and relax with Calm Balm

Our bestselling creamy Calm Balm is made with organic lavender and chamomile for their calming anti-inflammatory properties on both skin and mind. A multitasking hero for frazzled skin and minds; keep a pot in your bag to massage into temples, wrists and neck or apply to dry, irritated skin.

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