The Night Shift

Dreamy, wind down rituals for a better night’s sleep.

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’People suffering from sleep loss triggered by worry has risen from one in six to one in four’

ESRC centre for population change, University of Southampton, April 2020

Sponsored by stress-fuelled days and sleepless nights. We’ve formulated essential night-time blends that will melt the day away, to help you drift off in the direction of dreamland and wake up feeling good in your skin.

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Real life night-time magic

Meet our Plump Up Hydration Serum

Before you plump up your pillows, prepare to plump up your skin with this hydration hero. A soothing rose infused serum, it hydrates, replenishes and restores; minimising the appearance of fine lines. It also provides the skin with essential prebiotics while you sleep: the perfect skin booster if some nights, you just don’t get enough hours in!

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Settle down and relax

Meet our Sleep Recovery Night Oil

This sleep-inducing face oil is the fairy godmother of our night-time routine: reviving and renewing tired skin as you sleep and waving a magic wand over pores and fine lines as it encourages cellular renewal. It works to protect the skin from inner stress signals, helping to restore its natural circadian rhythm. We’ve blended the dreamy scent of neroli to quiet the mind before sleep.

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Here’s a jar full of Calm

Meet our Calm Balm Superhero

Our constant bedtime companion; keep a little pot of this bestselling balm on your bedside table for massaging into the neck, wrists and temples before drifting off. For nights when you just can’t catch those elusive zzz’s (you know, when your body has checked-out but your mind keeps scrolling?)

Calm Balm can be used to support the 4-7-8 breathing technique (also known as ‘relaxing breath’). Apply to the palms then cup over your nose: breathing in for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 7 seconds then exhale on a ‘whoosh’ sound for 8 seconds. Repeat this cycle 3 times. This breathing pattern aims to reduce anxiety and help you get to sleep - rather effectively, we think.

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