• De-Stress Face Mask
  • De-Stress Face Mask
  • De-Stress Face Mask
  • De-Stress Face Mask

    De-Stress Face Mask

    Soothe + Calm

    Aloe, Kaolin Clay + Coconut Milk

    £18.00 / 50g

    • About De-Stress Face Mask

      Treat your stressed-out skin to some TLC with our De-Stress Face Mask. Even the most sensitive skin will love this super-soothing mask, made with gentle kaolin clay, vitamin-rich coconut milk and healing aloe vera. Bliss out with the relaxing scent of lavender while your mask works its magic, detoxifying your skin and leaving it hydrated, nourished and silky soft.

      • Removes toxins without drying your skin. 
      • Soothes inflammation and redness. 
      • Hydrates and heals your skin. 
      • Repairs your skin’s natural moisture barrier. 
      • Nourishes with essential vitamins and fatty acids. 
      • Improves skin elasticity and softness. 
      • Prevents and treats blemishes. 
      • Promotes relaxation and lifts your mood.
      • Certified organic, natural, vegan and free from palm oil. 
      • Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
    • Made with just 6 ingredients:

      Our less is more approach guarantees great results in the gentlest possible way. By paring back your routine, our selfcare solutions allow your skin to breathe and your mind to pause.

      Kaolin Clay
      One of the gentlest clays, white kaolin removes toxins effectively without over-drying the skin whilst also enhancing elasticity.
      Coconut Milk Powder
      Rich in fatty acids (particularly Lauric Acid) and skin-restoring vitamins B, C & E, this repairs and protects the skin’s mantle, leaving it deeply hydrated and silky-soft.
      Aloe Vera Powder
      A powerful adaptogen. Light, hydrating and healing, aloe contains natural salicylic acid, great for the prevention and treatment of blemishes.
    • How to use
      • Use once a week to revive dry skin, or whenever you need to de-stress. 
      • Pour a teaspoon of powder into the palm of your hand or a small dish. 
      • Add 2-3 drops of warm water and mix to make a creamy paste.
      • Massage onto clean, damp skin using gentle, circular movements. 
      • Remove with warm water or with one of our organic cotton cloths. 
      • For an extra boost, try adding honey, yoghurt and/or your favourite Skin & Tonic face oil.