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    Happy Balm

    Uplift + Breathe

    Bergamot, Red Mandarin + Spearmint

    £14.00 / 20ml

    Soil association certified organic
    Certified cruelty free
    carbon offset
    • About Happy Balm

      Feeling sluggish? Maybe a little blue? Our uplifting Happy Balm has been mindfully formulated to boost your mood, confidence and energy whilst soothing dry or sensitive skin.

      "After such a challenging few years for so many of us, I wanted to create a product that gives people a moment of happiness to lift spirits and boost mood.” Sarah, SKIN & TONIC Founder

      • Boosts your mood and lifts your spirits
      • Certified COSMOS organic, vegan and cruelty free
      • Suitable for ALL skin types
    • Ingredients:

      Our less is more approach guarantees great results in the gentlest possible way. By paring back your routine, our selfcare solutions allow your skin to breathe and your mind to pause.

      This fresh, zesty oil is known for increasing serotonin. With its anti-inflammatory and uplifting properties it will instantly improve focus and clarity.
      Red Mandarin
      With high levels of Vitamin C and minerals, this cheery, skin-rejuvenating oil will help support stress and relieve everyday tensions – promoting an all around positive mood!
      An invigorating herb with a sweet, minty aroma that’s naturally energising, helping to relieve symptoms associated with dryness and irritation.
    • How to use
      • Massage into your wrists, neck and temples.
      • Apply to the palm of your hands, cup over nose, and breathe in deeply to help lighten the mood.
      • Use Happy Balm before and after yoga to help deepen your practice.
      • Apply a layer Happy Balm to sensitive skin to protect it from cold weather.